Our Story

Tradition since 1952

Tong Ah Cake House Sdn Bhd is a brand with over 68 years of history. A name that is filled with a rich history and has been serving unique offerings for the past decades.

In 1952, we established our first store in Tampoi where we engineered our line of traditional baked goods; white bread, red bean bread, coconut bread, kaya, baguette (French bread), as well as different types of cakes and wedding pastry. Throughout the years, flavours from our oven have warmed the hearts of residents in Tampoi and neighbouring communities.

In the year 1969 during the national lockdown, Tong Ah Cake House Sdn Bhd was the only bakery that had support from the government to have no restrictions to send our bread, pastry, and cakes to government officials, hospitals, old folks home, and needy ones during the tough period. Fast forward to year 2020, we kept up the spirits of our first generation to contribute back to the society during the worldwide pandemic by delivering free baked goods to residents of Johor Bahru. In 1989, Tong Ah Cake House Sdn Bhd opened its doors to its second branch in Senai. 1993; we moved our headquarter to Skudai. 2020; Tong Ah Cake House Sdn Bhd recently relocated to our new facility in Tampoi in preparation to manufacture a wider range of products for the community.

Throughout the times, we have created and moulded 鄉月, our very own Mid-Autumn brand.鄉月has started gaining its popularity through our annual events of retailing mooncakes and has its own fair share of returning loyal customers.

Entering the 4th generation of management, we strive to innovate and produce baked goods to satisfy the palate of the newer generations while still trying to maintain our unique taste of familiarity with a human touch.