Fortune Feast Gift Set (Tong Ah x ke ai de ke)

Fortune Feast Gift Set (Tong Ah x ke ai de ke)

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This exclusive gift box features an exquisite assortment of 7 unique cookies, making it the quintessential choice for festive gifting. What distinguishes this collection is not only the delightful range of flavors but also the artistic touch that graces each box.

With carefully chosen flavors and visually enchanting packaging, a collaborative masterpiece with talented artist Lisa Goh from, it delivers a festive experience capturing the essence of the season.

The Fortune Feast Gift Set contains:
- Traditional Pineapple Tart x 16pcs
- Cheese Pineapple Tart x 8pcs
- Red Dates Tart x 8pcs
- Hawthorn Tart x 8pcs
- Sea Salt Baby Brownie x 8pcs
- Match Macadamia Nuts with White Chocolate x 8pcs
- Classic Cheesy Cheese Langue de Chat x 4pcs

若需要客制化,请联络 +60192125669 (10盒以上)

- 「招牌凤梨酥」x 16颗
- 「起司凤梨酥」x 8颗
- 「酸甜山楂酥」x 8颗
- 「养身红枣酥」x 8颗
-「海盐布朗尼小宝贝」x 8颗
-「抹茶夏威夷果白巧」x 8颗
-「白巧克力起司曲奇」x 4颗

Gift Set Dimension: 42cm (L) x 35cm (W) 
Approximate weight: 2kg